Day 02/05

16.00 arrival and welcome at meeting point (hostel)

18.00 game presentation and knowing each other

20.00 italian welcome dinner at the hostel 21.30 discovering Rome by night

Day 03/05

07.00 Breakfast at the hostel

08.00 Departure from the hostel, visit the Auditorium of Rome and Maxxi

11.00 Visit to Villa Borghese

12.00 Pic-nic lunch in Villa Borghese

13.00 Departure from the hostel by bus direction Matera

15.30 Arrival at the Reggia di Caserta, visit the historical villa

16.30 Departure from Caserta, direction to Matera

19.30 Arrival at Ostello dei Sassi and dinner

Day 04/05

09.00 Breakfast at the Hostel

10.30 Elasa welcome presentation at the University

– Presentation of the theme

– Presentation of the sponsors

13.30 Picnic lunch in the surroundings of Matera

14.30 Guided tour of the Sassi of Matera

16.30 Treasure hunt in the Sassi of Matera

17.30 End of the treasure hunt – video presentation

(19.00 Eventual buying at the supermarket for the international evening)

20.00 “Panzerotto dinner” at the hostel

21.30 Night out in Matera – “Area 8”

Day 05/05

09.00 Breakfast at the hostel

10.00 Departure from the hostel directin Parco della Murgia Materana

10.30 Visit at the Parco della Murgia Materana (trip in the nature)

12.30 Pic nic lunch at the Belvedere of Matera

13.30 Departure by bus direction Marina di Metaponto (beach)

14.30 Relax by the sea

16.30 Departure towards Ostello dei Sassi – Matera

18.00 Preparing food for the international evening

20.00 International evening at the hostel

21.30 Wine tasting at the Enoteca in the Sassi

Day 06/05

08.30 Breakfast at the hostel

10.00 Workshop presentation at University

11.00 Designing workshop

13.30 Pic nic lunch

14.30 Ending projects and presentations

16.00 Final presentation of the projects at University

18.00 Closing ceremony of Elasa – distribuition of the certificates

19.00 Coming back to the hostel

20.00 Dinner out offered by Elasa

21.30 Drinks in the surroundings

Day 07/05

07.30 Breakfast in the hostel + preparing for living

09.00 Departure by bus towards the ghost town of Craco

10.00 Visiting the ghost town of Craco

11.00 Sketches session at Craco

12.00 Pic nic lunch

13.00 Departure by bus towards Rome

19.30 Arrival in Rome at the hostel

20.30 Dinner at the hostel

21.30 Conclusion of the Elasa meeting

Day 08/05

08.00 Breakfast at the hostel

09.00 Goodbye